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Wooden shelves

Our storage shelves system is designed so you can combine the different pieces to suit you and your space.Crafted from solid pine, it’s ready to stain so that you can match it to your surrounding décor and it offers a flexible storage solution for your home or office.

Space is at a premium in student quarters. Storage shelves can also be used as room dividers to offer a bit of privacy. Store extra clothes on the bottom shelves in large woven baskets, leaving plenty of room for books and study materials on the upper shelves.

Finish is raw Pine, so the unit can be painted, stained or clear lacquered. Easy to assemble with all screws included.Rigid when assembled correctly, with minimal sideways movement.This furniture must be secured to the wall with the enclosed wall anchoring device.Different wall materials require different types of fasteners.Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home (not included).

Ref. E200-E205: Pine shelves

Ref shelves Dimensions
H(cm) L(cm) P(cm)
E200 (F4/3) 170 80 30
E201 (F5/3) 170 80 30
E202 (F3/4) 90 80 30
E203 (F4/4) 170 80 30
E204 (F5/4) 170 80 30
E205 (F5/5) 170 80 40
Ref shelves Packaging
pcs/pal pal/truck pcs/truck
E200 (F4/3) 50(+50) 30(15x2) 1500
E201 (F5/3) 48(+40) 30(15x2) 1320
E202 (F3/4) 108 28 3024
E203 (F4/4) 50(+50) 30(15x2) 1500
E204 (F5/4) 48(+40) 30(15x2) 1320
E205 (F5/5) 36(+30) 30(15x2) 990

Ref. E206-E207: Pine double shelves


Ref Dimension(cm) Packaging
pcs/pal pal/truck pcs/truck
E206 (F5/4) L170xH170XP30 48 15 720
E207 (F5/5) L170xH170xP40 36 15 540


Ref. E208: Pine shelves with 8 racks


Dimensions: H170 x L35 x P35cm

– 36(+30)pcs/truck
– 30(15x2)pcs/truck
– 990pcs/truck


Ref. E209: Shelf Wine rack , 4 levels with 24 cases


H70 x P26 x L65cm
Size elem.: 5 x 1.8cm

Pal./Truck= 28

Ref. E210: Shelf Wine rack , 8 levels with 56 cases

H 120 x P 26 x L 75cm
Ep. elem: 5 x 1.8cm