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Construction wood


Construction wood

Wood is a material that civil construction, furniture and paper industry is based on, consequently the demand for wood timber and other half-finished products is increasing. Our company produces and sells timber, half-finished products from beech and softwood beams, green or dried in automatic driers, steamed and edged, as the customer is requesting.

Every piece of lumber goes through a series of manual checks to ensure that every piece is graded properly so that every customer receives the quality, size, and color of lumber that they require. Our company has a generous storage where you can find all the raw materials from softwood, dried, quartered and steamed according to current regulations.


Square wood
Essence Length (m) Section (mm, thick/wide)
North white fir 2-4 21-27-32-45-70
Pine 2-4 10-15-22-28


Essence Length (m) Section (mm, thick/wide)
North white fir 2-4 21-27-32-45 (on different widths)
Pine 2-4 10-15-22-28 (different widths)
Wooden boards
Essence Length (m) Section (mm, thick/wide)
Oak from 1.8 to 2-4 13-20-28
Beech 1-8 or 2-4 13-20-28
North white fir 2-4 10-13-19-21-27-32-70 on different widths